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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Susan Collins Smirks Again And Again

My fervent hope is that Brett Kavanaugh will work to lessen the divisions in the Supreme Court so we have far fewer 5-4 decisions and so that public confidence in our judiciary and our highest court is restored.

-Maine $enator Susan Collins, as she announced she would vote for Brett Kavanaugh by Noah Well, Susan Collins is snickering again; only to herself and her likeminded buddies in the Make Women 2nd Class Citizens Party of course. In public, she will continue to say, "I'm concerned" and "I'm giving this all great thought" and smirk at us while she does it. Even as she threw her support for Kavanaugh, she had to make it all about herself and make a special televised announcement about it from the $enate floor. The American people love to send sociopaths to Washington but not many of those sociopaths take pride in displaying their degree of sociopathy quite like Susan Collins, from her bad choice in wigs down to her likely cloven hooves. Imagine the physical stench of Susan Collins if it matches what she is inside. You'd smell her from the Capitol Building all the way out to Bethesda and beyond. Imagine you're a member of the Back Alley Abortion Party and you work in the office of Susan Collins up in Maine or in Washington, DC today. The phones are off the hook of course. You know they don't give a damn what you think unless you're tucking cash into the boss's garters. Imagine you were gullible and naive enough to vote for Collins. After all, she's always shown us to be what she is, ie. a lying sack of fill in the blank. Frankly, I wouldn't even drink the water in Maine, just like I wouldn't do so in Lindsey Graham's state. It must be filled with drugs. Susan Collins always likes to be the center of attention. I bet she was just like that back in the 8th grade. Obviously, she's never matured out of it. Time and time again, we see her seek out the cameras and microphones to display her childish transparent equivocations and talk crap about how she's deliberating and how she hasn't "made up her mind" when of course it's so obvious, to anyone who wants to see the truth, that she has. She just likes to make a show of her equivocations. Princess Susan. She'd pay the cameras to be there if she had to. The woman is a circus sideshow that always aims to be in all three main rings at once. Even now, Susan Collins is putting the blame on the boys just like she probably did back in the 8th grade. In this case, the boys are named Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. Collins knew where they stood. Everyone did but she outwardly pretended otherwise and defended them during their confirmation hearings when questions of abortion rights came up. Some things never change, right Susie? She'll even top it off by continuing to claim that she supports codifying the constitutional right to an abortion but really, let's get real! Politicians like Susan Collins, no matter what party, love to make a show of saying they support something when they know the $enate votes aren't there. Susan Collins, however, takes it to the nth degree. As it is, Susan Collins has zero credibility on anything at all unless she goes before the cameras and says the words, "I am a total Asshole" loudly and clearly, which Princess Susan would gladly do if it was the only way she could get in front of those cameras. How refreshing it might be if $enator Susan actually told the truth for once. It might even be the first time. Addendum: The extremely politicized Roberts court has in effect already come out against voting rights. They will no doubt attempt to go further in the areas of election law if/when they are given the opportunity. Basic civil rights are an anathema to the majority of the court's "justices" and the nazis who put them there. Next up: Contraception and Marriage Equality. The "Supreme" Court is set on aborting your constitutional rights for lots of things.

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