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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Stop Trump Before He Fully Completes Putin's Goals

by Noah


- GOP leader Traitor Don as he called for revolution on Saturday, December 3rd (the caps are his.)

Much is being made of the fact that Traitor Don Trump is now calling for an end to the United States Constitution, the document designed to build America. So, now, the media hacks notice? After all this time? Here's more of what he had to say on Saturday as he once again irrationally and treasonously demanded to be reinstalled as president like the wannabe Bolivian dictator that he wants to be-

"A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution."

The reaction of Republicans? Silence. You couldn't even hear the tumbleweed thought bubbles blowing around in their primitive brains. They had nothing to say but why would they? They are more than content to let Trump speak the essence of their belief system and they are happy to let him speak for them. They've proven that time and time again!

Rep. Adam Schiff was right when, as he summed up an impeachment case for Trump's removal from office, he said Traitor Don would never stop. Putin's #1 U.S. $enator, Moscow Mitch McConnell, of course, led the charge to keep his traitorous pal in place, so whaddya know, no 2/3rds majority of votes to drag the traitor out of the White House by his bone-spurred ankles. Clearly Moscow Mitchy and his mob of $enate comrades shared Trump's goals but that's no surprise. Republicans have made their attitude towards the Constitution obvious for decades. Christ, just listen to Nixon's tapes, and, much more recently, there's the Republican Party's continued stonewalling and "nothing to see here" backing of their violent J-6 coup attempt in every way, shape, and form. They've sure left no doubt on that day! Only a person with an IQ of less than 40 couldn't see that but, well, there ya go; dumb da dumb down!

And let's also never forget that it was McConnell who, working joined at the hips with Trump, organized the installment of more quack judges that would accelerate the removing of rights as they did with the Dobbs decision that took away the right to an abortion. It didn't start there, though. I rarely miss an opportunity to point out that Chuckie Schumer played a big role in sticking us with Chief Justice John Roberts, a man who has, since law school, dedicated his life to ending voting rights for anyone he looks down upon.

But wait, there's more! Of course there is! Let's also not forget the circus of approving Clarence Thomas. The ringmaster of those hearings is now in the White House. It wasn't just nutso Oriin Hatch. Among other insane things, Thomas now wants to take away the right of same sex couples to get married, wants to remove access to contraceptives, and has a seditionist for a wife. There won't be enough votes to remove him either. You really think a traitor like McConnell would let his treason caucus do that? Who nominated Thomas? A nazi (sympathizer, at best) named George H.W. Bush. Like I said, this goes way back. Then, there's Judge Osamuel Alito, a mindless jihadist who goes around quoting his favorite witch burners from the 16th century. And, now John Roberts wonders why his court has barely an ounce of credibility left. You pissed it away in your white supremacist fervor, J.R.

This is all rapidly coming to a head now. And, don't forget that up to 74,000,000 republicans have repeatedly voted for exactly what is going on here and very little has been done to offset the erosion and corrosion. A far right authoritarian fever dream is the goal of the 74,000,000 and the psychos they vote for or else why would they vote for and push for this mess and why else would they be so reticent to put down any of what Trump has said, not just on Saturday but for the last decade or more. The Founding Fathers would have thrown Trump and his co-conspirators into a rat-filled dungeon years ago.

This burgeoning Nazi chaos not only will not end, it will get worse for the simple reason that it is ingrained as the essence of embracing domestic terrorism and being a republican. The hate and the desire to inflict human misery and death is what runs them. It is their reason for being and they worshipfully continue and continue to dedicate themselves to it. Just watch the House starting in January, and none of this un-American nazi chaos will stop even if Trump actually is stopped. Way too many people from both sides of the aisle, politicians, media and voters alike will just say "Well, that's that. Let's just move on." But other Republicans will continue to line up to take Trump's place and that's even more insidious. It's also the way the people that own and operate Washington want it. Ditto those who vote and don't vote alike. If it wasn't, it would not be.


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Dec 07, 2022

makes you want to go out and just elect more democraps? it should NOT!!

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