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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Spreading Delta Via Podcast!

by Noah

Saturday Cartoon Time:

Basement "Patriot" Podcasts! Sane people can call these homicidal fake patriots all sorts of things. I refer to them as the bastard children of the Trump White House press corpse. Already Steve Bannon has his own radio show and podcast. Can Stephen Miller, Ivanka and the rest of the filth be far behind? Right now, Trump himself has a fake oval office at Mar-a-Lago. In a better world, one day he will be podcasting from a facsimile White House bunker while hearing the artillery raining shells down on his tacky house above. He knows what the original bunker looks like after all. Of course, podcasting while caged in a damp subterranean bunker in Leavenworth would be better. We could get to hear his voice weaken by the day. Cough for us, Donnie. How about a sneeze fit? How's that creeping black mold affecting you, Donnie?

Alas, it is not to be. Earlier this week, one of the Republican Party's battalion of traitors who attempted to overthrow what's left of our democracy on 1/6 got off with only an 8 month sentence, a total slap on the wrist. George Washington would have had him lined up at a wall and shot him himself. Such is the degradation of the American "justice system." 250 years of erosion.

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