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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Speaker Mike Johnson, The Republican Mind, Toys In The Attic!

-by Noah

What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind...

-One time Vice President Dan Quayle 

It seems that about once a week, I hear some reporter say that, if you were to ask Republican politicians what they really think of Trump, many of them will tell you that they don't really like their Traitor Don; that they just aren't that really into him. They'll say his positions are too extreme (even for them, I suppose), that he's mentally unfit, etc. They're lying, of course. That is not what they think at all and the proof is that, if what they allegedly whisper behind closed doors and in the back alleys of Washington that they inhabit was true, their kind in the House would not have unanimously elected MAGA Mike Johnson as their Speaker. Johnson is a creature who is every bit as insane and extreme as their Dear Leader. He is the next best thing and that is obviously why they chose him. Now we even hear that many of them are openly saying that they think MAGA Mike is not extreme enough! Notice that they don't say  insane. 

Just think, if Mike Johnson hadn't been named Speaker (I'll say it again: By unanimous Republican vote), those of us who qualify as normal people would have never known how insane he is. Same thing goes for his voters back home but too much mooonshine and Jeeesus will do that to ya. He's so delusional he's calling himself the Moses of the Republican Party now. I guess he settled on Moses because he didn't want to piss off the party's Orange Jesus. Let's see Johnson in his own words on the subject:

The Lord impressed upon my heart a few weeks before this happened that something was going to occur. And the Lord very specifically told me in my prayers to prepare but to wait. I had this sense that we were going to come to a Red Sea moment in our Republican conference and the country at large.
Look, I’m a Southern Baptist. I don’t want to get too spooky on you, OK? But the Lord speaks to your heart. And he had been speaking to me about this.

Remember when we heard that the Son Of Sam killer claimed to be getting his instructions from the neighbor's dog? I do and this is no different except that the number of victims will be far greater, one way or another.

Do you ever wonder which comes first, choosing the innate evil of the Republican Lifestyle or being brain damaged to begin with? Which one causes the other? One thing's for sure; there's plenty of evidence that the two go together much more than should be reasonably expected.

I've always said that when the lunatics get the microphone, it doesn't take long for them to reveal themselves. All of a sudden, the spotlight comes on and there they are. Problem is they cause a lot of shit along the way to that inevitable point where their sell by date is long long past and enough people have woken up just enough to get rid of them but, sadly, they think the job ends there. Newt Gingrich was a classic case. Like MAGA Mike Johnson, Newt rose to the level where his true nature was fully exposed. He tortured the nation, and now his reward is that he's pathetic shill for the Diaper Don and other traitors in his party of Christo-Nazi Domestic Terrorists. I receive Gingrich's mass emails at least once a week and they read like one of those late night TV used car ads, "What's it gonna take to put ya in this fine, fine, superfine 1984 Trumpmobile?" I can't wait 'til I see the one that ends with a couple of orderlies carrying him away. Ditto for MAGA Mike Johnson. It'll happen. Only the amount of horrific damage has yet to be determined. 


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Dec 12, 2023

And think... these guys will be making everyone behave as they deem proper very soon.

What's possible? Mandatory jesus camps for all? daily oaths of allegiance to trump? trump youth? camps? showers? ovens?

Some people are aware of what happened in nazi germany. how many are aware of what Mao did to his people? Or Pol Pot? Sort of a combination of the holy inquisition and holocaust. Pol Pot didn't bother with camps, showers and ovens. He had his zealots hit their victims in the head with pickaxes. A more economical hands-on approach.

If you don't think any of this is possible... you truly are an american.

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