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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Something Is REALLY Wrong With Vivek Ramaswamy

by Noah

Look, I know that, to Republicans, cruelty and rudeness is some sort of avant garde comedy without punchlines, but watching Vivek Ramaswamy at the current GOP debates is almost fascinating in a let's all rush down to the corner to see what that big crashing noise was about kinda way. I watch him and I have to wonder if he's some kind of cynical plant selected by the RNC "debate" committee to make their other candidates look good by comparison? Did they choose him as a means to say "Look, we have some brown people?" Or, is it their way of saying, "Look, non-Whites are awful!" Or, "See what happens when you let them in!" I don't know. After talking to some Republicans, I think the answer is probably a little bit of everything I just brought up.

But maybe I should just point out that Vivek is cementing his place in a long line of past and present mentally damaged loudmouth wackjobs like The Pillow Guy, Tennessee's brain-fried Marsha Blackburn, Newt Gingrich (obsessed with Bill Clinton's penis almost as much as his own), "Ted" Cruz, Bill O'Reilly (too disgusting to even keep employed at FOX), Michele Bachmann, Sheriff Joe Arpaio (pardoned by Traitor Don), or the QAnon Shaman (who's now literally trying to run for Congress in Arizona). I kid you not.

I suppose it's good that Vivek's out there in such a public and loud manner, though. I say that because when I listen to him and watch him in action, I can't help but think that if he didn't have this forum to blow off steam so obnoxiously, he'd be the next mass shooter or pipe bomber somewhere. 


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