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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Selective Prosecution

by Noah

Already some total assclown anchor on FOX "News" is talking about Trump's theft of classified documents by quoting Nixon saying that "If the president does it, it's not illegal." Well, for one thing, Trump was not the president when he stole all those boxes and brought them to his Mar-a-Lago spy headquarters. For another thing, Nixon was wrong, at least on paper if not in Washington practice. And, damn, when you have to go all the way down to a total crook like Nixon who was forced to resign back when we forced such things, well, that's really scraping close to the bottom but it was to be expected from the team that has so fully embraced Viktor "No Race Mixing" Orban and broadcasts on Russian State TV.

Reality Winner (Seen in the above meme) got the book thrown at herself but she wasn't in the club. You know, that club that now doesn't remove presidents from the premises even when they have shown themselves to be traitors and try to overthrow the country. To me, equal justice under the law means Trump should spend the rest of his days in a tiger cage as should every man and woman in Congress who voted to keep him in office instead of doing the right and patriotic thing.

Traitor Don was right on one thing, though. It certainly looks like he really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his party would let him get away with it. Hell, they're all lined up to be the driver of the getaway car. In fact, all last week I was getting Tokyo Rose style emails from Ronna Romney McDaniel decrying "The Raid" and begging for contributions to defend Boss Donnie. Goofball fake doctor and Putin supporter Rand Paul is even now saying we should delete the Espionage Act from our penal code. Yeah, Rand! Let's have a firesale of every secret and every blueprint we've got! All that's left to know now is which asshole will move to pardon the Dear Leader and say, just like that scumbag Gerald Ford did, that no one* wants to see a president in jail. If Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Moscow Mitch had pilot licenses, they'd be fighting it out to the death for the privilege of flying Boss Donnie to his new country home in Russia or a palace in Saudi Arabia. I'd pay to watch the fightt of course. Which one lives? Step right up! Place yer bets! My money's on Mitch because he'll be fighting naked, oiled all up like a greased pig and he'll slip away like he always does.

*Literally everyone I knew back then totally wanted to see Nixon in jail at the least. Personally, I called for him to be drawn & quartered as halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl. What's more American and patriotic than that? Now we have the wussy pussy modern day equivalent of "No one wants to see the president in jail." From little timid mousy Democrats, it goes something like this: "Let's not prosecute a former president because it will divide the country." As if the country isn't already divided to the nth degree. If the suits in Washington knew anything, they would know that that horse left the barn long ago and they opened the door. Washington is clueless as to how decent Americans feel so they coddle the terrorists in our midst. They go after al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan but not the terrorists and their enablers and media propagandists who live right here operating right out in the open. And, no. I don't give a damn what the population of Cousinphuck, Indiana thinks about any of this.


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Aug 17, 2022

"Traitor Don was right on one thing, though. It certainly looks like he really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his party would let him get away with it."

well, you finally got around to mentioning that trump's party isn't who lets him get away with it. it is the democraps.

what's her name went to prison because the democraps don't need to run against her to limit their losses in an election. pure and simple.

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