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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Say Gay All You Want!

by Noah

Why can't I say gay in Florida? Apparently in Florida, das ist verboten! It is so decreed by the Nazis in the Flor-i-duh state legislature and it's now going to the local fuhrer whose name is Ron DeSantis. He's sooo smart, a real fuckin' genius. Very savvy when it comes to homophobia and many, many kinds of hate. That I can tell you. Believe me!

How long before that whole state of homophobic goofballs starts having "Don't Say Gay" boat parades? "Don't Say Gay" truck convoys, too. We already know that's what they are and what they do.

So, what to do; other than trying to vote the bigots out that is. Good luck with that in a nazi hellhole like Florida that obviously just wants to die. At least it's worth a try, though. Personally, I've always believed in guerilla theater and what I call "confrontational marketing." In this case, that implies flooding Ron DeSatan's office with postcards exactly like the one shown above. Ditto for every one of the nazi goons in the legislature who put the "Don't Say Gay" bill together and made it law. In fact, find out their cell phone and office phone numbers and call them several times a day (and night). Same with any Repug that works for them. Just say "Gay! Gay Gay!" and hang up. Go to their homes and shout it, too. Go to their rallies and chant it loudly and proudly. "Gay! Gay! Gay!" Chant it at sporting events, too, "Gay! Gay! Gay! Especially do it at the most inappropriate times so it really stands out, like when someone scores a touchdown, drains a 3-pointer, or hits a homerun. Roundin' third and headin' for home, "Gay! Gay! Gay!" With fists in the air! Who needs a tomahawk chop? Fuck these assholes! Does it change anything? No, I doubt it but the way I see it, these lowlifes should at least pay something for their transgressions against humanity. Ya gotta start someplace. Give back to society.

I do have to say, though, that confrontation does work sometimes. Recently, Disney's POS CEO Bob Chapek just couldn't bring himself to come out against the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Disney's big in Flor-i-duh. No doubt, they have contributed mucho dinero to the DeSatan campaign coffers. I guess it never occurred to Chapek that Disney has a whole lotta gay and trans people working for them. Who the fuck does Chapek think is wearing the Goody and Pluto costumes anyway! No doubt the guy's a moron, but he's since apologised. Ironically, he was bullied into it by protests. I bet he's incapable of seeing that irony, though. Just another wormy turd in a suit and tie. Just another abuser. He apologised after being confronted but don't be so naive that you think he was sincere even for a second. He'd already made his position clear when he refused to come out against the bill before it was passed. The height of political cynicism. Fuck that guy. Add him to the list.

Yeah, I believe in giving back. An eye for an eye. You cause misery, you get misery back. Be the instrument of karma. Do I care if their families can't sleep because of protesters chanting the G-Word outside their house at night? Not a bit. To me, it's a positive act. Sort of making Florida great again. And, be aware; other states are now copying Flor-i-duh. Republicans in Georgia are already climbing aboard the bigot train. It's a disease, a social disease that Republicans get. Their forebears in Germany did the same thing.

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15 mars 2022

With passage of the anti-CRTs and this "don't say (enter thing not sayable here)", where the fuck are the democraps pointing out that we have that first amendment thingie?

I'm asking for a friend who just doesn't understand how nazi reichs take form.

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