Midnight Meme Of The Day! Same-Day Service For Killers

by Noah

How much compulsive buying do you do? Or, how many times, when you need to buy something, do you wish you could just get it today? How about a gun? That's what the Atlanta Spa Killer reportedly did. He had places to go and people to kill, Asian people. Asian female people. He got same same-day service. No waiting. No three day wait. Ain't America grand? Land of the free. Lunatics can even move to the front of the line. That even applies to running for president.

American writer and activist Shaun King also has something to say about how American society has treated the Atlanta Spa Killer:

After he shot and killed 8 people, Robert Aaron Long was "arrested without incident."
They didn't shoot him even though he was armed and dangerous and had just slaughtered people all over Atlanta.
They didn't beat the life out of him, which I've seen police do to non-violent BLACK school children.
They didn't choke him to death like they did Eric Garner.
Again, what we are basically demanding is for American police to treat Black folk like they do armed white men who just slaughtered people.

The suspect got same-day service. The cops even picked him up and drove him to their office. No gunshot wounds. No taser burn. No broken bones. No knee on the neck. Said he was just "having a bad day." White privilege? The perks of wearing a Duck Dynasty beard? He lived to see another sunrise. A certain Wisconsin $enator would probably even call him "law abiding."