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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans Prefer Orange Domestic Rapists

by Noah

Republican voters have already spoken loudly on this issue. They've really doubled down on it with their voting record during this cycle's primary season. They could have chosen a non-rapist to be their candidate, but, no, that wasn't for them. What should we have expected when we see Trump rallies full of women and men alike who wear shirts that say "Grab Them By The Pussy?" The sick words of their Dear Leader about caravans of Mexican rapists entering our country are constantly repeated by his followers and his media goons like those on FOX-Pravda. 

How fascinating it is that the Republican mind can express its innate sociopathy on multiple levels simultaneously. I guess it takes a very special genius. Stable? No, not really, not even close. There's nothing like combining race* and rape to get Republican voters to the polls. More specifically, of course, twitching sociopathic twits like Katie Britt (above) prefer to endorse orange domestic rapists who also send bloodthirsty murderers and other traitors into the Capitol Building when an election doesn't go their way. Did you really wonder why the party leadership chose her to sit in her kitchen with her custom paneled $10,000 refrigerator to address us?

* Also, have you noticed that Republicans seem to have no problem with their white Russian friends raping Ukrainians literally of all ages by the thousands? Right, those Ruskie pals aren't the dreaded "brown people." 

Oh, and by the way Katie Britt-

No More Hangers!!!!!!!



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