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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans Dream Of Dachas!

by Noah

Obviously there's a significant difference between the two men in tonight's meme, the character, sanity, and intelligence differences alone would make for a whole book, but I had forgotten that President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine was once a comedian. While the corporate geniuses at NBC handed Trump a weekly national audience in order to burnish his fake credentials for a coming run at the presidency, Zelensky chose laughter as a medicine for his audience. There's more than one way to deliver a message.

The fact that President Zelensky had a former life as a comedian reminds me of how I've always thought that George Carlin would have been a very fine president instead of what we usually see throughout the world. Suppose we had once had a President Lenny Bruce or maybe a President Phyllis Diller instead of Richard Nixon. So many untapped possibilities!

Instead, the world draws from a much lower rung of humanity when selecting its leaders. For instance, we had Trump, the thing that won't leave. England has Boris Johnson and is about to make a brain dead inbred named Prince Charles their King. Russia? Well they have a homicidal maniac from their spy services who still owns and operates our disgraced former president.

Republicans love to say that if Trump was still president there would be no war for Ukraine but of course that just means that they would have continued to work to find a way to hand all of Ukraine over to Putin without a shot being fired. Why settle for continuing to dispute just Crimea for decades or centuries when there's so much more, and all those other countries, too!

But now we have a full invasion and war. It makes me wonder: What if "Ted" Cruz was the President of Ukraine? No doubt he would have fled to Cancun at the first inkling of trouble. Moscow Mitch if he was the Ukraine President? Do you really have to ask? He'd have organized key to the city events for Putin everywhere in the country as the Trump family planned where to build some new hotels, with Putin's permission, of course. Virtually any republican you can name would have greeted Putin with flowers and Marco Rubio would be looking for a still functioning lamp post to stand under.


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Mar 02, 2022

I always thought Jon Stewart would be a big step up. Except for the natural born citizen thing, Trevor Noah too.

I don't think americans have the potential to elect anyone or a party that is worth a lukewarm shit any more.

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