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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republicans: Deny. Deflect. Distract. Delude. Disregard

by Noah

"Truth Isn't Truth."

-GOP motto, provided by Rudolph 'Rudy Spits' Giuliani on FOX in 2018

The disease of Trumpism found a perfect gestation home in the Republican Party. Think of the GOP as a womb for hate, mass hysteria and insanity; not the only one perhaps, but certainly the most virulent. As I've been saying for decades now, there is no coming back to a civilized reality for people so soulless that they become animated only by the worst sociopaths and psychos that mankind ever produces and the Republican Party is hell bent on proving it.

At this point, it's very safe to say that America's number one shortage is not a supply chain issue but a dearth of professional intervention specialists. We need them badly. Over 70,000,000 willful fools and traitors voted for Trump would gleefully do so again and again. Being Republican and Trumpist is a destructive mass hysteria event of massive pandemic proportions, more dangerous than the COVID-19 that they deliberately help spread. The scourge of Trumpism is on the order of the Black Death plagues of the 15th and 16th centuries that wiped out half of the populace of whole city-states. The only difference is that these people won't die without killing civilization itself down to the roots. So, in reality, the attempt to use intervention is pointless. There is no pill for this raving delirium other than the one called cyanide. Admit it. It is a truth that will set you free but only to shake your head in dismay.

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Jun 23, 2022

wrt nazis, true.

but the only reason trump is not now under indictment is that democraps are colossal political pussies. and voters who continue to elect them are colossal morons.

trump and nazis could have remained mute about 1-6. they'd still not be inconvenienced at all by democrap pussies refusing to do their jobs.

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