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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republican Party: Monkey See, Monkey Do!!!

by Noah

Clean up in the Oval Office!

Somehow it's only fitting that Republican voters who storm the Capitol Building and smear their feces on the walls like a bunch of ranting monkeys would worship a "president" who throws ketchup on the walls of the White House like the insane maga monkey king of their dreams and delusions.

This... thing... had access to the nuke codes for 4 years. Now that we know he even reached for the neck of a secret service agent, I can hardly wait to hear that that special "nuclear football" briefcase had to be yanked away from him during one of his many petulant tantrums. On more than one occasion, no doubt.

Ever wonder how many times he ever threw a punch at staffers and family members?

70,000,000+ Republicans voted for this... thing... and they want more guns... and the courts approve.


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