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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Republican Party = American Taliban

by Noah

It's not just Texas, of course. The Republicans, our own fanatical domestic terror faction, have been aspiring to be a full-blown equivalent of Afghanistan's Taliban for decades. The pictures from inside our Capitol Building on 1/6 look much the same as what we've seen from Kabul this week. FOX "News" is everything they'll tell you Al Jazeera is, and that's a bit of an insult to Al Jazeera. What we've seen from the original Taliban is the Republican goal. It's the direction they are willfully and inevitably heading in, cheered on by the 70+ million voters that voted for their Orange Menace To Society. Even if they ever want to stop it, the lessons of history tell us they won't. The Republican Party is snowballing down hill faster and faster. About the only difference is that republican women are allowed to have jobs and vote, for now.

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