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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Religion As A Costume

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

It's beyond grotesque that so many people, millions and millions of them, billions really, feel that they can cover up their shame, their sickening essence, their very being, and absolve themselves by quoting a few lines of scripture, but, really, religion is so much about that. I feel I could build a religion around a nice compilation of nursery rhymes or Dr. Seuss books. Why not?

So, here we have a lowlife slug like GOP hero Kyle Rittenhouse thinking that he can just wrap himself up in a cloak of bible scripture and all is good, all problems solved. It's not even that old Chrisian canard that you can go through life and do whatever evil you want as long as at the end, you confess and claim to accept ol' Jesus as your savior. Poof! Like magic, you go straight to heaven. But Kyle confesses nothing. He's just a one bit punk accused murderer who's put on the biblical cloak of bullshit. Problem is that there are a ton more people who buy into such utter bs than there are who see right through it. In a way, it reminds me of that "Emperor's New Clothes" story. Oh well, as I always say, "The world is an endless parade of chimps, assholes, and morons."

Who will the next drum major be?


1 Comment

Jan 01, 2023

the next drum major will be desantis, and the us troop of retarded chimps will elect him and refuse to NOT elect him.

I do not know if the reich will be treated to biblical sanctification for all the pure evil that will flow from the new fuhrer. I don't think hitler bothered with any such thing. but americans are more religiously delusional than they were.

and that is truly horrifying. combine nazi-level hate with biblical devotion... how many times did the christian god kill masses of people out of spite or hate or because he said they were bad?

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