• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Putin Misses His Little Monkey Boy!

by Noah

Any of us who've had a beloved pet that's no longer around can take one look at the two pictures in tonight's meme and know how Vlad Putin feels now that his Little Trumpie is gone. He constantly daydreams about his orange-faced "monkey boy." Oh how he longs for the good old days with his faithful Little Trumpie! Rolling around on the floor. Playing horsey in the yard! Sure, Trumpie slobbered all over the place. Sure Little Trumpie The Blunder Dog often smelled bad and sometimes had little accidents, and omg that rotting hamberder breath! But he was a loyal pet Vlad could count on!

I hope President Biden was compassionate and told him not to worry and that Little Trumpie is fine and is enjoying playing with all the other departed pets on a big happy farm far, far out in the country.

No, Vlad, you can't go visit him. Maybe soon, though. Meanwhile Vlad, take some solace in the fact that the spirit of your "little monkey boy" lives on. And, you'll always have Kremlin Kevin and Moscow Mitch sitting up and begging for more rubles.