• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Pro-Life Is A Cynical Cover

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

The answer is never. The question can only be rhetorical now. Once Republicans decided that the massacre of all those 6 year old kids in Newtown, CT was bearable, it became more obvious than ever before that Republicans love guns more than children, especially after they're born. Republicans fetishize their guns. Many of them can't even manage to go to the grocery store without their AR-15 slung over their shoulder like a little boy that sucks on his blue blankie. It's an obsession. The whole thing is just further proof that the Republican Party is a death cult. Now, to make extra sure we know that, Republicans have started giving unstable teenagers weapons of mass death and sending them to protests with them and into schools with them, all to catapult the mayhem. The next stage is coming. Right now, they're killing themselves and infecting others by refusing to get vaccinated. How long before that morphs into walking into a Walmart wearing a belt of dynamite sticks? "Pro-Life" has always been a cover whether it has been used to control or to kill.