• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Predicting Q-RNC Reactions!

by Noah

Judging from the recent past, we can surmise that, deep in the irritated bowels of the Q-led Republican National Committee, the great minds of the Republican party have been gathered in their favorite room, the one with the walls adorned by pre-Civil War plantation scenes. They are seated around a bigly conference table scarfing down fast food hamberders while they strive to come up with a way to negate the Supreme Court's recent voting in favor of, say it loud if only because it drives Republicans even more nuts than they already are, Obamacare! The court has done that for the third time now, 3 out of 3. I can just hear the Republicans now as they try to come up with new conspiracies to explain the court's vote and try to figure out a way to overturn it. I can hear them blaming super secret Italian satellites aiming hypno lasers at specific justices who voted in the majority, or, maybe it was just Jewish Space Lasers!

Any day now, Rudi Giuliani will set up his pathetic porta-podium in front of a Four Seasons Porno Emporium and start sputtering his usual broken-toothed gibberish while black sweat beads up on his extra high forehead and starts running down his beat up face. But, how will Sydney Powell release the Kraken this time? What will be the new shared mythology of Republican World? What scenario will we see repeatedly puked up by the likes of Sean Hannity, Gym Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Freakshow, Fled Cruz, Moscow Mitch and all the rest? Will we see the Supreme Court stormed by another mob of violent red-hatted maga freaks in horns? Will they set up another gallows? Can't you just see them all looking for bamboo fibers in the published ruling? Sure you can, because Republican insanity is nothing if not consistent.

Well, I'm here to tell ya that I have been dutifully reading my goofball RNC emails from Ronna Romney McDaniel and I've been checking in on the great Republican oracle that goes by the name of Q. Here's my best guess as to what Q will come up with by way of explanation for the Court's 7-2 vote: In the Republican Mind, this dastardly pro-Obamacare ruling is not the doing of immigrants from south of the border and it's not those dreaded African-Americans. Nope, it's the Aliens! That's right Aliens! Lots of 'em! They're everywhere! Don't you worry though, Q is on the case!

Surely, you've all noticed a lot of mainstream news reporting lately about UFOs and a forthcoming explanation of the phenomena. Ask yourselves, why now? Well Q is about to explain it all! You see, Q and Ronna are about to explain to us that sometime in the hours shortly after the Republican Party's attempted coup failed on 1/6 and the custodians at the Capitol Building began cleaning up the semi-human excrement the Trump mob smeared all over the marbled halls and mopping up where the MAGA crowd peed in the cornes as if to claim territory, Q will announce that Earth's alien overlords foolishly decided that Obamacare is a good thing for the overall health of this country and then decided to temporarily intervene by inhabiting the bodies of enough justices to sway the vote towards towards their "dangerous, socialistic decision."

At this point, I have to say, I wish there actually are aliens that would act in the interest of human decency and do this for all Supreme Court rulings but I know this takes a great deal of effort even for the aliens. Besides I don't see the evidence that we deserve such a treat. Meanwhile, I am content to know I might very well have nailed this thing right on the head. It fits the Republican Mind perfectly. Well, maybe not perfectly. I admit it's lacking a big element of white supremacy but I'll stand by it, at least for today. Just remember, when predicting Republican behavior, just go with the most insane thing!