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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Our Species Is Arrogant And Running Out Of Time

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

We like to think of our species as the pinnacle of primate evolutionary possibility but really we are just the pinnacle of Homo Sapiens just as our species' predecessor Homo Heidelbergensis (Heidleberg Man) was the pinnacle before us and Australopithecus people were the pinnacle of primate evolution in their time. The Heidelbergensis folks gave rise to Neanderthals (European), Denisovans (Eastern Asia), and us (Africa). Of the three "siblings," only we survive although the majority of us carry small DNA percentages of one or both of the other two.

All of the previous paragraph is just a little background that I have offered in order to make the point that we better evolve into something smarter muy pronto if life of all kinds or any kind at all is to survive on this planet. Every hour of every day brings us evidence from all over our world that we have hit a wall and just aren't getting any smarter. So, yeah, we are as smart as it gets but that just ain't smart enough.



Nov 18, 2023

I am reminded of a quote from a movie: "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life!"

It's been appropriate of americans for a long time. But it seems to fit almost world-wide ever since Greta emerged as one of scant few who are telling the truth.


Nov 18, 2023

While some of us are getting smarter, MOST, as in 99.99%, are getting dumber. So says that which we DO and refuse to do. So says that which we tolerate, whether we bitch about it or not.

So says the entire history of humankind. So says the effects we've had on our planet and the abbreviated future of ourselves therefrom.

We know we destroy. Yet we keep destroying. Compulsive behavior that disproves our so-called "pinnacle". Even lemmings are said to handle their own overpopulation.

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