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Midnight Meme Of The Day! On The Road With Gaetz & Greene!

by Noah

It's a White Nationalist tour any Repblican will be proud of. But, maybe the current Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Traitor Greene "America First" tour needs a better, more accurately descriptive name. Sure they, like Trump, took "America First" from the KKK who have marched under "America First" banners for decades. Yes, it does say a lot about what these two are about, but we already knew that because they are classic Republicans. But, forget the tour name. For now, I'll just generously call it the "Two Heads, Half A Brain" tour. More importantly, I've been wondering what Gaetz & Greene might be called if they were a folk duo or fronted a rock band, and what might their albums be called? Where would you find their hit songs like "Me & Julia, Down By The Schoolyard," "Who's Your Daddy, Now?" and their techno cover version of "Springtime For Hitler." Well, here's a list of their possible band names. Some album titles are also on the list, in parenthesis. Not available on Spotify!

1. Uncle Pervy and Dumbo

2. "Meet The Nitwits"

3. "The Missing Links, Live On Tour!"

4. Chester Molester & Sister Cellulite

5. STD

6. They Might Be Cretins

7. The Morlocks

8. Goldie & The Givemeheads

9. Coup-Coup

10. The Backstage Passers

11. The Motley Palins

12. "The Schoolyard Serenaders, featuring 'Who's Your Daddy, Now?'"

13. The Transphobe Maniacs

14. The Klan

15. The Treasonaires

Oh, and how about, The Traitor and The Tramp. You decide which is which. Enjoy the show, and rest assured, The Reich is coming!

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