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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Objects Of Hate For The Goons On Parade

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

As I've said for decades, Republicans always need a new group of people to hate. That's what drives the stupidest of the stupes, aka Republican voters, to the polls. With very few random, almost accidental exceptions, if it isn't white, male and christo-nazi, look out for incoming Republican mortars of vitriol and dehumanization. From Nixon, to Reagan, through the Bushes to Trump, it has always been so. It's what makes a Republican a Republican, so, as the above Tom Tomorrow cartoon illustrates, Leprechauns may very well be next; and if there are no Leprechauns in this dimension, it won't matter. Republicans will simply proclaim there is something insidious and deceptively wrong about anyone who stands less than 5 feet tall and wage war upon them.

And it won't stop there.


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