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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mullah Ron DeSantis Diversifies!

by Noah

Has Mullah DeSantis, governor of the Southern Taliban province known as Florida, diversified his business profile into funeral homes? Sure, I suppose someone could have just taken a photo of some unvaxxed death cult wackjob's car and just added the name of the supposed business, but, it is in no way far-fetched to think that a sicko like Mullah Ron would really now be in the funeral game. After all, we now know that Kentucky's goofball psycho Rand Paul and his wife are literally invested in a company that manufactures a drug used in the treatment of COVID patients while he's encouraging people not to take precautions and damning people who want us to wear masks obviously because that would be "bad for his stock portfolio." I mean, hey, there's money to be made if a company has to keep making more and newer drugs to combat the results of this particular republican homicidal idiocy. At this point, I would not be shocked if I heard that RNC Chairbozo Ronna Romney McDaniel and Georgia's Marjorie Traitor Greene have teamed up to start a fast food filet of raw bat franchise business.

So, yeah, someone needs to take a good look at whether or not Mullah Ron has an interest in funeral homes or coffin manufacturing. Maybe that's why Ronnie DeSanticide appears to be trying to kill off as many people as possible? It's sort of like those people who build for-profit prisons and then enlist the aid of local police and politicians to fill them. Who knows? Maybe all of Mullah Ron's relatives are making embalming fluid in their garden sheds right now. Since it's Flor-i-duh, maybe the DeSantis family business will just, for a price, pick up the corpse of your loved one and dump it in the Everglades for the gators and snakes. Nothing like giving predators a taste for human flesh, eh Ron? That would be sooo Republican!

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