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Midnight Meme Of The Day! More Word Salad Dementia From Repug God Trump

Sunday Thoughts

by Noah

Syphilis is a terrible thing. This is the man who speaks for 74,000,000 Republican voters and their Russian puppet master. They lap it up. They love him. They must be sniffing glue in a paper bag over their heads. How do we get them to switch to a plastic bag?


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Jun 17

and THAT is going to beat your enfeebled lifetime corrupt racist pussy AND take both chambers. And the reich will commence.

His 80m will all show up. He could strip off his diaper and lick it on stage at the debate and not one would abandon him. Your guy unconditionally supports genocide and loses 10m plus 3 states.

Mock trump all you want. he's still going to beat the guy the money told you all to nominate. which you did without even hesitating.

THAT, as much as anything, makes this the shithole I keep telling you all about. But you don't listen.

You never listen.

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