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Midnight Meme Of The Day! More & More, Republicans Are Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

by Noah

Your Saturday Cartoon:

During my lifetime, Republicans have always steeped themselves in the warm embrace of their own racism. I know this because I grew up in a very Republican town. Sure, Nixon brought the ugliness to the forefront with his Southern Strategy, but it was always there and he knew it. That's why he had no fear of Alabama Dixiecrat George Wallace. Nixon knew he could get all the racists from either party, or at least a huge majority of them, under his wing. That's a lesson Traitor Don learned and, after a lifetime of being openly racist in New York City, he opened his campaign for president with racist statements and never looked back. If people like Nixon and Reagan could be racists, Trump was always going to take it further. He not only did that but he emboldened his followers and, frankly, his whole party. If there's a republican out there that isn't a total racist, well, I'll just say that I haven't found one and I don't have enough time to turn over all the rocks.

So where are we now? Well, there's Elon Musk turning twitter into a white supremacist social media platform. Just a couple of years ago, the Republican Party designed their whole CPAC stage as a Nazi SS badge. There's KKK-style governors in places like Virginia, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas, and, do I even have to mention that a large part of the Republican Party's violent attempted coup was inspired by the party's endemic racism? Just ask Trump's Proud Boy and Oathkeeper shock troops. Ask the Capitol Police what N-word variations were being yelled at them as Trump's red-hatted scum were stabbing at them with sharpened flagpoles.

But now, even the creators of popular cartoons feel they must express their racism. That's what happened when Dilbert's Scott Adams opened his filthy mouth and let his racist freak flag fly. Hence today's cartoon that satirizes the moment. It's out in the open now. Who's next? Which cartoonist will be the first to say "Heil Hitler" out loud. Or will it be a network TV personage? Why not? Laura Ingraham once gave a Hitler salute to a Republican convention audience. Which Senators or Representatives can you see doing it? Josh Hawley? Gym Jordan? Time will tell. The day is coming.


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