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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mike Lindell's Dreams!

by Noah

If Mike Lindell trimmed his moustache a certain way, the resemblance to his fatted orange idol's spiritual leader would be uncanny. As it is, though, Mike needs to return to whatever asylum or rehab center he escaped from. If it's what he wants, I'm sure the psychiatrists on staff will let him play Hitler every Halloween for the rest of his sickening crackhead life. He can even have a swastika armband for his straitjacket.

Mike himself will never be the monster Trump always wants to emulate. Instead, Mike will have to just settle for continuing to be a sicko clown, court jester, and major spokesperson for the Republican Party; a perverse cheerleader for the true horror of the party's NAZI dreams.

Imagine if Mike's idol precedes him in dying. I have no doubt that Mike will be reduced to a babbling puddle of crack-laced tears. That's only an inch away from what he already is anyway, but, here's what will happen: He will be welcomed back on to FOX "News" and he will declare his run for the presidency. The entire Republican Party will then rally to his side even more than they already do and Don Jr. or Marjorie Traitor Greene will be his running mate.




the definitive 'ass clown'. had to be an american, natch.

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