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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Meet Senator Penis Nose!

by Noah

That's Senator "Ted" Penis Nose to you!

Sometimes you're such a dick that you begin to actually look like one. Take a close look at that nose. It's changing shape before our eyes! "Ted" is becoming Full Monty all the time!

Hence forward, "Ted" Cruz shall always be known as Senator Penis Nose. Texas Senator Penis Nose! The pride of Texas! Hey Texas! Tell him to put a bag over his head and stop flashing us!!! That face should be compelled to at least wear a Speedo!!!!!! Whenever the $enate is in session, the majority leader should declare a one person speedo mandate for that thing!

Senator Penis Nose! Senator Penis Nose!!!! Repeat it until people can't think of calling him anything but.

If you ever see Penis Nose in an airport headed for Cancun, shout it out! "Yo, Penis Nose!" "Over here, Penis Nose!" "Can I have your autograph Mr. Senator Penis Nose??!!!???"

What happens when he lies?

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