• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Matt Gaetz, The Pride Of Florida

by Noah This past Sunday night I found myself inspired by the words of a post-punk musician friend of mine who shares my contempt for Republican hero Matt Gaetz of Flor-i-duh. I sat down at my trusty computer machine and decided that Gaetz was meme worthy and created what you see above. I was very pleased with the end result but just left it on my desktop since I had nothing new to go with it. Yeah, there was the long rap sheet of Gaetz DUIs, a rich dad who buys him out of serious troubles and finds him new jobs that he eventually blows, and his status within the Brotherhood of Trump and all that goes with that but I decided that, sooner or later, the fresh occasion to use my new meme creation would pop up. Little did I know that I would only have to wait a mere 40 hours. Such is the way of things with Republican World! Gaetz is one creepy looking dude. He has the kind of look and carries the kind of demeanor that causes women walking down the street with their child to grab the child's hand more tightly and quickly cross to the other side. He has always reminded me of the disturbing image of actor Jack Nance that was used for the "Eraserhead" movie poster (see below). He doesn't even have to trowel on the gooey bizarro pancake of orange makeup that his idol is known for. People like Gym Shower Jordan, Roger Stone, and Louie Gohmert are grateful whenever Matt Gaetz walks into the room because they appear ever so slightly more normal by comparison but, let's face it, in light of the sex crime accusations, Gaetz is just this week's Grand Marshall of the endless Republican Freak Parade. He's this week's Ted Cruz. He's the new Rudy the Drip. He's the new horned Chewbacca guy. Republican leaders all! None of us knows how this alleged Matt Gaetz sex trafficking story will turn out. Whether he's guilty or not, his circus has arrived in town just like circuses used to come to town every spring. Young kids used to leave town with those circuses too. It's an old, old story. I loved finding out as the news broke that, back in 2017, every single congressperson voted for the Anti-Human Trafficking law except one, Rep. Matt Gaetz, of Flor-i-duh. Perhaps, he should have just "recused" himself or gone AWOL for a day. His no vote is not a good look at all. Did he really just sit there when his name was called and say "What's my motivation." Maybe he just thought it would be hypocritical for him to vote against trafficking. I also happen to love that it was the William Barr DOJ that launched the investigation that has so exposed Gaietz. Seems that even someone as lowlife as Trump's AG has his limits when it comes to evil. Either that or Barr just didn't like the competition. And how about the folks at Murdochland TV? Gaetz was their new star, appearing almost nightly. He was the new Rudy! He coulda been a contender. He'd already been making noises about not running for reelection. Sure, there were rumors about Gaetz leaving Congress and all its perks for Newsmax. Really? That's like leaving Congress to go work behind a 7-Eleven counter. Gaetz knew this sordid news was coming. Was he being groomed for his own show on FOX? Probably, but after going on the Tucker Tiki Torch Show on Tuesday night and oh so casually trying to bring Tucker into the whole thing by mentioning that ol' Tucker had also once been accused of sex crimes of his own, maybe he won't be invited back. Meanwhile, it would be such delicious irony if someone started pulling at the threads of any sex crime allegations in Tucker's past, or present. Such things do seem to go with the place. Just ask Bill-O, Ed Henry, and Roger Ailes-- Sean Hannity? Talk about creepy looking, that guy's crawl space should have been checked out years ago. I mean, just look at the guy! It's all there with these freaks. Hidden in plain sight, but too many of us just don't want to go there.