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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Matt Gaetz: Republican Family Values Icon.

by Noah

Well, I guess we can add Flor-i-duh's Matt Gaetz to Trump's extensive list of pedo-pals!

Admit it. You know that Trump and Flor-iduh Man Matt used to get on Air Force One and show eachother their nudie pix and videos of young girls, very, very young girls. Remember when Trump said he likes walking into the dressing room of his Miss Teen U.S.A. pageant and seeing them all naked? Can't you just hear Trump and Gaetz, slyly going all nudge-nudge and chuckling over what they'd both love to do with Ivanka?

Sadly, it all sounds way too probable now that we hear that Matt Gaetz, the latest icon of Flor-i-duh politics and the Republican Party, loves to go onto the House floor and show his eager colleagues his fab photo and video collection of his naked fuck buddies for hire. It used to be that just being a racist gained you membership in the Republican Party. Now it turns out that being into child porn is a plus, too! I bet those pix get Louie Gohmert's ears all engorged and sticking straight out even more than usual and no wonder Gym Shower Jordan is always feeling so warm that he has his jacket off. The House cloakroom is just a big circle jerk crib now, not that it already wasn't. And, not to worry, Marjorie Taylor Greene stands by her man! Forget it Marjorie. You're 38 years old. That's at least twice what Gaetz seems to be into. Damn, I bet Jerry Falwell, Jr. is mad he wasn't invited to watch!

This story just keeps getting more and more creepy by the day. Imagine what will be revealed by the end of next week! It's like some old radio serial; a cliffhanger everyday! Don't you just love how, until this story broke, all these typically wacko misogynist Republican secret pervs never breathed a word about Matt Gaetz's habits or how they loved checking out his pictures? A few days ago, he was "presidential material." Now they claim they never ever liked the guy. FOX "News" has suddenly stopped even mentioning his name! To Murdochland, this story doesn't even exist! In Repug circles, Gaetz has achieved "Coffee Boy" status! The Repugs are dropping him (at least that's what they claim) faster than you can say Tucker Tiki Torch. Yup. Republican Family Values. What's next? Did some republican congressman sell a daughter or two to Gaetz for a night? Stay tuned!

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