• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Mass Murder By Proxy

by Noah American Mass Murder Now Available At The Grocery Store It's no surprise that the very day after the Boulder, Colorado massacre, Republicans once again loudly spoke up in opposition to background checks and an assault weapons ban on the floors of Congress. With them it's always about the cruelty. They might as well have pulled the trigger themselves. After all, untimely death is their brand whether it's spraying bullets in a supermarket or spraying virus spores in a bar. It's murder by proxy. Often they'll even try to convince you that such horrors are hoaxes. Who can forget the goons on FOX "News" talking about "crisis actors" after the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings? Some of them still do. One wonders what Republicans will be saying to explain away what happened in Boulder. Their track record is as ugly as it is bloody. They're already, once again, saying that "Now is not the time" to discuss checks and bans. In fact, by the time you read this, I know and so do you that QOP headquarters will be in full flamethrower scorch the Earth mode all over QOP media outlets like WND, FOX, Newsmax, Brietbart, Daily Caller, Daily Stormer, and AON. Perhaps Hunter Biden did it. I mentioned that Republicans, who I call, more accurately and descriptively, The Domestic Terrorism Party, were vehemently speaking out against and assault weapons ban less than 24 hours after 10 people were mowed down (I'm guessing that for Republicans, one of the murder victims being a cop, just like with their attempted coup, is a bonus) in the Boulder supermarket but it's also worth noting that, on the very day before, the NRA was holding a celebration in Boulder because a mere ten days before that, a Boulder County District Judge had ruled against the enforcement of a local assault weapons ban. "Death! Death! Death! Yay, Death!!!!!" It's who the NRA and the politicians that they've purchased are. To them the more variations of the AR-15 (and similar guns) on the market the better. For Republicans, from Russia, to MAGA, to blood, it's all about the red, their favorite color, next to white of course. And it's no coincidence at all that so much republican campaign money comes from Russian oligarchs who give it to the NRA who in turn launder it and stuff it into the oversize pockets of mostly Republican politicians. Do you ever wonder how much they might be slipping Sean Hannity, Tucker Tiki Torch, and Alex Jones on the side? And one last word on this matter for tonight: Lest you think that Republicans are the only allies the Russians and their NRA agents have in enabling these mass murderers, never forget those few conservadems like Joe Manchin who boast of an A rating from the NRA. While Republicans claim to offer the families of the dead some thoughts and prayers, Manchin will meet with them and give them a box of tissues for their tears after he's helped enable the deaths of their loved ones. Kinda like when Trump offered paper towels to flood victims. In Washington, they call that leadership and compassion.