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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Making American Women 2nd Class Again

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

There's more to the Supreme Court's removal of the right to an abortion than just the Republican Party's delusional quest for more white babies to be born so that whites remain in the majority, of course. It's also not just about the innate Republican desire to combine church with state in order to impose their religious beliefs upon us all and set up a "Christian" version of a caliphate. As with the GOP's Taliban role models, the achievement of any abortion bans are also about the subjugation and oppression of women of all creeds and races by decreeing that women have only one role in life and can never be allowed to have dreams of equality, or a career, or ever being independent enough in any way, shape, or form to live a fully fulfilled life.

Far be it for me to be somewhat facetious but suppose it really was all about the babies. Might then all prenatal doctor visits be paid for by some kind of Universal Maternal Care legislation? How about having it so a woman doesn't have to pay a single penny to go to a hospital or clinic to give birth, not even if it was quintuplets. Any complications would be paid for, too! Oh, and let's not forget an option of up to a full year of parental leave.

Can I be extra greedy and go for free diapers, formula, and lactation consultation? Childcare, safe and secure universal preschool and pre-K, too? How about a subsidized fund for the child's future education? Nah! No one in Washington would go for that. We need all that money to give the oil companies corporate welfare socialism in the form of their annual billions of dollars in subsidies paid for by our taxes, not to mention give more tax breaks to the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and five-sixths of the U.S. Congress.

Be sure to send some soiled diapers to your favorite "Supreme" court "justices." Include a nice note.

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