• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Louie Gohmert, The Pride Of Texas!

by Noah So we went a space of all of 4 days between the disgraced former president slurring his words and peeing his backwards rubber pants to the flappy-eared inbred Texan Louie Gohmert asking, in the middle of a Congressional hearing no less, whether the Forest Service or the Bureau Of Land Management could do something about climate change by maybe altering the Earth's orbit around the Sun or the Moon's orbit around the Earth. This is real. He really asked this. Earth: Meet Republican governance. What could possibly go wrong? What's more incredulous to normal people, i.e. non-Republicans, the people in Gohmert's East Texas district keep voting for him and sending him back to Washington. He's their man! All the way! Ah, but this is easily explained! To the majority of Texas voters, Gohmert is "The Smart One!" Gohmert can play the role of a genius and wow his public simply by hating minorities, voting against health care, and lighting up a trick light bulb by simply placing it in his mouth. They are bigly wowed. They applaud, and they rush to the polls to vote for him, every two damn years, over and over again. Keep in mind that when it comes to Texas politics, Gohmert is under constant extreme pressure to prove to the rest of us that he, Rep. Louie Gohmert, is the dumbest and most vile of current Texas politicians! The competition is fierce. He's constantly got to keep up with and even surpass $en. "Cancun Ted" Cruz and $en. John Cornhole, not to mention Gov. Greg "A.B. Normal" Abbott, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a man who was made for late night public access TV until the voters of Texas decided they had a better idea. That's a daunting task and you may ask yourself, "What other job could any of these leaping goons get if even worse freaks didn't vote for them but, at least for this week, Louie has the title! But, just wait a few days. It's obviously an on-going contest. Which Republican goon will pipe up next? It's anyone's guess.