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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Joe Manchin's Dream

by Noah

Ah, Joe Manchin! In the Koch family, there are many mansions, but their favorite one may be the one in West Virginia that they call Joe. Joe Manchin, the man who looks down upon his constituents from the balcony of his yacht. That's right. His yacht has a balcony. My, what a big yacht you have, Joe! You must be a magnet for money!

Joe Manchin, aka the KKK's man in the Democratic Party, doing everything he can to assure the suppression of votes and the targeted people who want to cast them. Joe Manchin, the man who sold his soul to coal, the dirtiest coal possible. Joe Manchin, the coal owner's son.

Joe Manchin, the man who wants nothing to do with mitigating the effects of climate change when it's so much easier just to make it worse, especially when the money's so, so good, eh, Joe? Joe believes in green alright!

Well, you can see Joe Manchi's sick, unAmerican dream in the above cartoon. Joe Manchin has been smirking at America as he goes through the charade of holding out a carrot of a deal with republican colleagues he knows will never come. He cynically plays the role of the naive, hopeful buffoon but he knows. He knows his agenda is their agenda. Oh, and yeah, almost forgot; the money's nice, too. Corrupt, nihilistic agenda and money. Splendid combo, Joe! Splendid! It takes a lot these days to make us hold politicians in even lower regard than usual, but, congratulations Joe.

His buddy Kyrsten? She is her only agenda. She's just doing it for the money.

Joe Manchin knows he's working for the return of the Orange Menace To Society. When you ignore what the bulk of your constituents want and you do what a traitor to this country wants, it begs a few questions, Joe. What did he promise you Joe? What did he promise you? A villa on the Crimea from his pal Vlad, perhaps? What did he promise you, Joe? We know you aren't paving the way for his return for nothing. Enjoy your dream, Joe. I have a dream too. And you're in it.

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