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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Jesus Unstuck In Time?

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts

I remember that, a few years ago, I posted a picture of a classical painting of the visit of the Three Wise Men to the recently born Jesus. There were Mary and Joseph of course, and the various animals. Little White Jesus lay in the manger in a golden glow, but, right in the upper middle of the painting, where the two sections of the roof met, was a depiction of Christ on a cross; quite a spoiler alert! In fact, I think I even titled the post as such.

So, what is it with these anachronisms in religious paintings? Is the cross in this one meant to be a spoiler alert, too? Premonition? Foreshadowing? Is the painting actually of a current 21st century scene where Christ has indeed returned and gotten a job in the Outdoor Crafts Department at Hobby Lobby? I hear those "Build Your Own Boat" kits are very popular. Pre-fab! Anyone can do it!

Warning, dear reader, if you have kids in Catholic school, please advise them not to ask the nuns any of the above questions.

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