Midnight Meme Of The Day! Jesus Has Left The Building!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Damn, Jesus! Took ya long enough. I know you're supposed to be all forgiving, turn the other cheek and all that but, really, such patience is pointless. Such a trial.

Well, anyway, nice to see you split the scene of the ongoing crimes in your name. Unfortunately, they will go on. The money is too good. So, Mr. Jesus, can you please tell your dad to work himself up into a good ol' Old Testament fury and smite them, smite them all! Smite them into molten oblivion! Hear my prayer!

Oh what's the use. I know we're just here for your father's sick entertainment purposes. To him, the universe is just his giant bouncing, twirling 5 dimension pinball machine. "Let the balls destroy what they may," he says as he lets the levers go.