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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Is There An AR-15 Vending Machine In Your Future?

by Noah

Hmmm, whatever happened to that phrase in the 2nd Amendment, the one that comes right out and says, "well regulated."

Don't you just love it when all those disingenuous Repugs go blathering on and on that mass shootings aren't a gun promotion and easy availability problem but a problem of mental illness? And they do it while they strip budgets of funding for mental health care and vote down any such proposals like, for just one instance, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his fellow death and domestic terror cultists in his state legislature did. That sounds pretty crazy to me! As far as I'm concerned, it's also clear evidence that Republicans have a ton of mental health issues. Besides all that, the fact that other countries have plenty of mental illness but aren't even on the same planet when it comes to numbers of mass shooting deaths puts the lie to the insane GOP "reasoning" on the issue.

Meanwhile, I can't so much as go buy two packages of sudafed for a sinus infection without being entered into a national database because someone is afraid I'll use it to cook up some meth. By the way, thanks for telling me I could do that!

Hell, it takes practically all day to get a new driving license and, meanwhile Republicans are hell bent on not just making it nearly impossible to vote but even registering to vote if I'm not a likely republikook voter. Talk about your projection! Oh, well, I can't buy the sudafed but I can buy a few AR-15 right off the wall of the same store; no questions asked. Think about how many AR-15s I could buy in just the time I wait in line to vote on election day! And, funny how the GOP won't allow time saving ballot drop boxes at the mall or downtown but, if they continue to have their way, we're going to start seeing AR-15 vending machines on every street corner in America. And, yeah, don't be surprised if the RNC does a special deal with their boss Putin and the vending machines start selling Kalashnikovs too!

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