• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! If Fox News....

by Noah

From the start, FOX "News" has seemed to root for the spread of the current pandemic by taking a pro-COVID-19 stance just like they take a pro-Russia ("Putin is a real leader") stance. Both COVID-19 and Russia are lethal adversaries to this country and, by extension, the entire world. So, FOX made a calculated nihilistic and traitorous choice to convince their viewers that both threats were hoaxes. It was all "Nothing To See Here, Folks" all the time and it still is. Both stances are part of the Murdoch family's alliance with America's Domestic Terror Party, a party run as a Death Cult by vile leaders such as McConnell, McCarthy, McDaniel, and, of course the Orange Menace to Society himself, the very former president Donald 2X Trump.

So, it is within that context that it is painfully obvious, that, yes, if it was 1955 instead of 2021, the sick, warped, knuckle-dragging goons at FOX "News" would be doing everything in their power to try to convince their gullible, critical thinking-challenged, hate-filled viewership that polio (Even now polio is not 100% gone in some areas of our world) is a hoax and that they should reject every opportunity for them and their children to be vaccinated for their own protection and the protection of those around them. They even want you to call the cops if some sane adult has the gall to put a mask on their child. When it comes to human misery, FOX and their red hat-wearing Domestic Terror brothers and sisters are all for promoting it and they prove it every damn day.

The tides of what various political parties choose to support and choose to fight against ebb and flow throughout history. So it is that those in the KKK were once Democrats and what is now the Domestic Terror Party were once called Republicans and once could be honestly referred to as "the party of Lincoln." That, however, is ancient history. It's more than safe to say that if FOX "News" had existed in 1860, it would have been throwing conniption fits, led by Tiki Torch Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura "Ilsa" Ingraham over the very idea of an Emancipation Proclamation. They would, no doubt, be calling Lincoln a "socialist" for lack of a better word at the time. Hell, they might have even incited a Civil War!!!

More recently, in the 1970s, FOX "News" would be doing everything it could to convince Richard Nixon not to resign. They would be creating the climate for him to get away with it, too. Never forget that FOX "News" was the propagandistic brainchild of Nixon acolyte Roger Ailes. You can bet that Nixon would be babbling that he is the rightful president regardless of the criminal codes of the country. If FOX was around in the 1940s, there is no doubt that, thanks to FOX, half of this country would be clamoring for us to come to the aid of that good Mr. Hitler and, every night, Tiki Torch Boy would be chanting the drumbeat of "Jews will not replace us" every night which he already basically is anyway. It would be a slogan of the show, and most likely, the whole damn network. That's who they are. Conservatives always did want to turn this country back in time. Now they want to make sure we know that more than ever, even if it kills the whole damn country.