• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! How Many Dead Will Satisfy Moscow Mitch?

by Noah

It's not even summer yet but this past weekend's Mass Shooter Roundup tells us that those who want more gun violence (You know who and what you are) are rubbing their oily paws in glee, right Mitch?

Below are the Mass Shootings from just the past few days:

  • Saturday, June 12th, Cleveland, OH. - 3 dead, 6 wounded.

  • Saturday, June 12th, Chicago, IL. - 1 dead, 9 wounded.

  • Saturday, June 12th, Austin, TX. - 1 dead, 13 wounded.

  • Friday, June 11th, Savannah, GA. - 1 dead, 7 wounded.

  • Friday, June 11th, White Center, WA. - 3 dead, 2 wounded.

  • Friday, June 11th, Winston-Salem, NC. - 1 dead, 3 wounded.

That's 272 American Mass Shootings so far in 2021. That's 40% ahead of last year's pace and 65% ahead of the 2019 pace. 10 dead and 40 wounded in just 2 days, on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, where Governor Ron DeSatan celebrated by cutting the $150,000 that had been budgeted for mental health counseling for the survivors of that horror. But hey, he ordered the state's flags lowered. It was the least he could do so he did that. Give him a big cheer, right Mitch?

All of that Russian money that finds its way into the pockets of republican politicians after being laundered by the NRA is helping to achieve their goals of chaos in America, right Mitch?

Good work, Mitch. All because you are mad at the world and your god. You feel he shafted you, gave you the very short end of the stick, right Mitch? It's never gonna be enough, right Mitch? Never enough blood and gore you sick, twisted piece of shit. Blood for money, American blood for money, right Mitch?