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Midnight Meme Of The Day! How 'Bout A Bounty On Rapist Priests?

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Not to mention that, as far as I'm concerned, a church supporting the Republican Party's Bounty Hunter Program is a clear violation of the concept called "the separation of church and state," but so are lots of things that our so-called leaders ignore.

Anyway, the question in tonight's meme is obviously a rhetorical one. First, if such a bounty on priests and pastors who rape children went into effect, I can see a bunch of priests and pastors preaching and whinning about their personal freedoms like Republicans at a schoolboard meeting, and, along with it, there would be crowds of Republicans protesting for them in the streets, Republican politicians pontificating wherever they found a podium and a camera, even if or especially if it was in front of a porno store situated next to a landscaping business. In addition, all of the typical conservative media goons would devote hours of programming in their defence. Second, no church would support a bounty policy that, if actually enforced, would drive them into bankruptcy in no time at all.

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