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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Halloween Jesus Is Born!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Jeez, I thought Christians were always such welcoming people. Well, except when they're burning people at the stake, legislating discrimination, driving people out of their neighborhoods and a few other instances. But just look at this sign. I guess this is one door I won't be knocking on as I go out trick or treating next weekend.

Hmmm, maybe I should go knocking on that door.. I mean, I may be a socialist of some sort but extending my hand in a friendly greeting seems like it would be the Christian thing to do, no? Should I go up to their door dressed as Christ himself? Long hair wig. A little beard action. Easily done! I'd be the caucasian Jesus they love of course. I could tell them it's time for them to come with me to their great reward. "It's rapture time, baby! Leave your shoes behind!" I could get used to that. I can see myself doing it every year. Sort of a public service. One less crackpot house every Halloween. Just call me Halloween Jesus. I. Have. Been. Found!

And by the way: "Patrotic?" What's a "Patrotic" Christian? Some kind of weirdo Christian sex cult? Started by some goofball named Pat? Nah, gotta be just a misspelling. Whoever heard of republicans mixing religion and sex? They're much more concerned about other people's sex lives. It's an OCD thing with them.

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