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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Greg Abbott, Corpses By The Truckload!

by Noah

Way to go, Greg Abbott! COVID corpses by the truckload! Always plenty of work for truckers in Texas, right Greg? Will "COVID Corpses By The Truckload!" be your 2022 campaign slogan? I bet the RNC will love it! It's so you!

But, it must be hard for Texas Governor Greg Abbott. He's in a tight battle with Flor-i-duh's Governor Ron DeSantis to see who can favorably impress Republican voters the most by causing the most deaths due to COVID per capita in their respective nut states. The competition is fierce! Who will be the GOP's #1 Mass Murderer Of The 2021? There's Missiissippi's Tate Reeves, Alabama's Kay Ivey, Georgia's Brian Kemp, Missouri's Mike Parson, and more, much more! The list is endless! So many homicidal maniacs in the game! All vying for the title! If you're a republican governor, it's not enough to just be a racist. That goes with being a Republican anyway, but the top republicans find and take advantage of ways to kill off as many of their citizens as possible!

By the way, Greg. I know you're into burning masks. Do you use them to get the funeral pyres going?

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