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Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP's 7-Point Plan To Restore Trump!

by Noah Just in case you were under the misapprehension that there is such a thing as a pro-democracy Republican, let alone a sane one, take a look at the above card (Call it the Qraken Qard) that I'm using as tonight's meme. This card was handed out to the attendees of the latest CPAC soiree, held over the past weekend in Texas aka our biggest nut state. This is what it's all about to Republicans, folks, the restoration of the Trump (Putin) presidency! Immediately! One way or another! Reality and legality be damned! What's important is that Republicans fervently believe in such possibilities and Democrats do next to nothing to slap some sense into their heads. The GOP's 7-Point Plan matches up perfectly with what the rest of the party's fellow treasonous lunatics are saying about Trump's second inauguration, now scheduled in Republican minds for August 15th. Ditto with the Republcan goons that are going around flashing Trump 2021 signs (see below). Notice that, right in Point 1, they get down to attacking Nancy Pelosi and, of course, the scary Black Caucus. Ah, those Republicans! So predictable. It still hurts them that their shock troops didn't get to kill Nancy during the GOP's attempted Coup on 1/6 but it hurts the Republican mind even more to see African-Americans in Congress. What's worse to a republican than letting an African-American vote? Seeing one get elected!!!!! To the Republican mind, the sight of an African-American in Congress is a sign of a world gone mad! After reading 1 thru 7, one wonders if there is also a Secret Bonus Point #8 which calls for hanging Mike Pence. I bet there is! Probably a 9th one, too, about breaking up the purported child labor camps on Mars. #10 probably calls for putting an end to democrats eating babies and drinking their blood and all that other stuff they say "libtards" do. Those are probably all on a second card that you have to send away for. You also get a secret decoder ring! It gets better when you go to the website mentioned on the bottom of the card! There you can see exciting new news about a connection between President Biden and Mary Jo Kopechne! Who knew?!!??!! Ah, but what I wanna know is who gets to be First Lady in the era of Trump2. You don't really think Melania would do it again, do you? Besides, she seems to have disappeared altogether. She's flown the coup. On her broom.

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Jul 13, 2021

The Pences will be the first ceremonial prisoners in trump's first camp/oven soon to be joined by liz cheney.

Melania... "flown the coup". love it. But she may find herself in a camp too. There is one constant in human history... there are a startlingly large number of women who worship power, even insane power. If trump can still get it up, he could do what Genghis Khan did.... father thousands of kids and degrade the gene pool of americans even further... if that is even possible.

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