Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Now Officially Self-Identifies As NAZI!

by Noah

Chanting "The election was stolen!" and "Reclaim America!" a white supremacist group that goes by the misnomer of "Patriot Front" came up to Philadelphia from a festering open sewer called Texas over the 4th of July weekend to march through the streets to announce their presence, recruit new members, and complain that their beloved Orange Mussolini was ousted from the White House by cheating which, like all Republicans, they define as letting black people vote.

This group of penis-impaired Nazi nutjobs gave the impression of being well-organized by marching dressed in their uniform of tan trousers, snappy black Patriot Front t-shirts, and hats that bore the emblem of their group. You can now expect to see lots of those hats wherever republicans gather to rally for every republican goon from Trump on down. The group also wore masks so as not to be identified and risk losing their jobs, proving that, if you want a Republican to wear a mask, just send them to a white supremacy get together. The Patriot Front is clearly image and marketing obsessed. Taking a cue from ISIS, the group even has their own flag that you can see in the picture I used above. Incidentally, the Patriot Front formed by splintering off from the Vanguard America white supremacy group after the latter played such a huge role in the tragic events of Charlottesville in 2017. That's right, the Patriot Front is made up of a group of Donald Trump's "very fine people."

It's telling that the Patriot Front goons chose Philadelphia as the place to make their July 4th statement. After all, it's the birthplace of our Constitution and, if white supremacists and their allies could go back in time, they would burn Constitution Hall to the ground with the Founding Fathers (slave owners or not) locked inside because they see the essence of the American Ideal itself as an enemy. As it is, what the Patriot Front goons did to "celebrate" our 4th of July was an example of the increasing prominence and statements being made by such white supremacist groups. It isn't just Tucker TikI Torch, Laura Ilsa Ingraham, Sean Hannity and the rest of the Murdoch media empire and similar. The vile white supremacy philosophy that groups like the Patriot Front are espousing online, on TV, and in our streets is now more openly the very core of the modern day Republican Party. You may not want to admit it yet. You may be too naive and trusting of humanity but, sooner or later you will see it, although maybe after it's way too late. It amounts to their platform. It IS their platform. It's one thing for us to call the republicans Nazis, it's another when they proudly identify themselves as such.

These groups have been encouraged, emboldened, and enabled to the max more than ever before, partially out of the desires of Republicans and partially because more decent people haven't had the cajones or desire to snuff them out before they got so dangerously prominent. The dream that Nixon turned into a strategy is now fully flowering like never before because it's now a fanatical religion of the Republican mind. It's not just that Republicans don't get cute and try to cloak it in some code words so much anymore, it's that they have been allowed to get away with it, flourish, and develop the confidence to scream it boldly from the stages, streets, and rooftops now.

Republican candidates for every office in the land will be openly seeking the endorsements (as if they actually aren't already) of the Patriot Front and every other Neo-Nazi group in the land. The members and the agendas of these groups have been embraced and their ambassadors will be invited and advertised as featured prime time speakers, no longer just under the cover of their own names but with the names and branding of the groups they represent, at events like CPAC and "Christian" Evangelist confabs. White supremacy is a plus and a must for the Republican crowd. It's become all but a litmus test. By 2024, these groups will be speaking at the Republican Party convention before a national prime time audience. It's only a small goose step from a 2016 Ingraham Hilter salute from the stage, Rudy's screaming gibberish, and Russian asset Mike Flynn chanting "Lock Her Up" to what we will see now, then, and in-between. Keep in mind that this year's CPAC stage architecture was full of Nazi white supremacist imagery. That kind of thing can be traced back at least as far as stage sets of the Bush conventions but it's been ever more blatant with each passing election cycle and, Trump or not, the whole thing is moving towards inevitable Nuremberg-style pageantry, and worse, the same Hitlerian intentions, right out front, and with more cheering than ever.