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Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Dear Leader Trump Continues To Incite Violence

Your Saturday Cartoon

by Noah

And just as with 1/6, it's only a matter of time until it comes to fruition.

The Diaper Don is such a warped petulant bad seed omen child. Almost every neighborhood has one. In this case, multiply the degree of omen by millions and you have Donald J. Trump, The Orange Menace To Society. If Trump didn't have social media, he'd be having a driver/handler take him around to the homes of judges and their families and he'd be getting out of his limo with his big giant Bigly Box Of Colored Chalk™ and writing his incessant attempts at violence incitement on their sidewalks. He'd have his handlers agree with whatever nonsense he writes and then, smugly satisfied, he'd get in the car and go on to the next address. This is what republicans call presidential. 



Looks like the Guestcrapper is ill-informed about the gag order chess game or his mind os too simple to grasp it. Pay attention, troll.

Apr 30
Replying to

if it's chess, then trump check-mated the system.


Apr 27

yes, nazis call it presidential... and their messiah. but your "less shitty" side still can't and won't defeat it. The irony in the cartoon is that the judge prolly would grant the recess and will continue to do jack shit about the gag order violations. Pussies are like that. And a society of pussies becomes a dead society. Your either have and defend principles... or you don't.

maybe that's the real meme in all these memes.

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