• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Blue Lives Don't Matter Caucus

by Noah

No matter how low Republicans go, you can always count on them to go lower.

Remember the names of those above. They are proud card-carrying members of the Grand Ol' Putin crowd. They aren't the only Republicans who feel as they do and we've certainly had more than enough evidence that they aren't the only republicans in the House of Representatives who would have loved to have voted against the police that saved our democracy from the Republican Party's attempted coup on 1/6 as they did. They resent them that much. They are such fanatics that they voted against the police who saved the lives of then Vice President Pence, the Speaker Of The House, and several of their colleagues. After the vote, one of the above goons, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, even refused to shake the hand of one of the cops who saved his dumb ass. The officer, Michael Fanone, was beaten unconscious by the Trump militants after he rushed to the Capitol Building to protect the people in it. Rep. Clyde was even photographed as he quivered and screamed when his fellow white supremacists were trying to break down the door to the House chamber. He later called them tourists.

These 21, loved and adored by Republican voters and media propagandists all over this country, are the Berserkers, the warriors who live and fight high on their own insanity and who knows what else. Understand, these are the 21 that fellow true believer Kremlin Kevin McQarthy allowed to vote as they did. No doubt even the number, 21, was deliberately and pointedly chosen as the number who would give the heinous F-You salute. Had McQarthy not reigned in the rest of the Republican conference, the total would have been much, much greater. We know this because we know what 99.9% of all Republicans have said since that horrible day in January. We know this because, after the white supremacist mob was defeated, over 140 of them still voted to install their Dear Diaper Don in a second term as president. By their words and actions since, we know that more than the 140 traitors wish they had joined the list.