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Midnight Meme Of The Day! GOP Announces 2024 Ticket!

by Noah

In the Earth 2 Republican Bizarro World that the Republican Mind Hive calls home, this is the stuff of glorious dreams, along with the planned re-installation this week of course.

Imagine, if you're a Republican, what a fine presidential ticket this would be! What Republican wouldn't be proud to cast their votes for Demented Donnie Trump and Marjorie Traitor-Greene! Republicans are buzzing about Traitor-Greene's prodigious fundraising abilities. Yes! Repug voters adore her! They've sent her mind-boggling amounts of cash already. She sees herself as a future president. She is their hope for the future!

I can see these two in the White House together. Demented, drooling Donnie being pushed around in a wheelchair by his new VP that he's made dress up in a nurse uniform, including a little white nurse hat with MAGA printed on the front. Imagine the rallies! The cheering throngs of Nazi-Republican loons! This is where we're headed, folks! Ask any Republican you have the misfortune to know why they love Marjorie Traitor-Greene and they'll flat out tell you "Q loves her so that's good enough for me! Plus, she speaks her mind!" Yes, she does, and for a Republican, the crazier that mind is, the better! "I feel she's just like me, same with President Trump!"

You think it can't happen? You think it's too insane, that it breaks the insane-o-meter? Think again. Think about what we've seen already. The attempted coup of 1/6 was just a first Ft. Sumter shot of the The War Of 2024. The unhinged insanity of Republicans is only going in one direction and we've got three years to go. It's obvious that none of that will matter to the crazed Nazis of the Domestic Terror Party! If Demented Donnie finally does the world a big favor and kicks the McNuggets bucket, don't you worry, Traitor-Greene will be at the very tippy-top top of the Repug short list of the potential VP list, no matter who they nominate, right up there with Sydney Powell, Gym Shower Jordan, or the Horned Chewbacca guy. I see the daily RNC emails from Ronna Romney McDaniel. You can read them and see the unhinged truth of what the Domestic Terror Party's vision for America truly is. If Donnie doesn't make it to 2024 and the party decides not to go the "Weekend At Donnie's" route, you know Marco "Yours For $50.00" Rubio, Chris "Day At The Beach" Christie, Tucker, J.E.B., the My Pillow guy, "Fled" Cruz, and all the other psychos and socios who want to run, already have Marjorie Traitor-Greene in mind. Sarah Palin, Paul "Crazy Eyes" Ryan, and Catatonic Mike Pence are sooo yesterday.

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