• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! God Sure Works In Mysterious Ways!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Ah, the question that's nearly as old as Christianity itself! But, if I were a snarky person, I'd have several more thoughts about all this.

1. What's going on with the fact that Christianity is so strongly represented in areas where incest and inbreeding are also so prominent? You know, places like Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama. Am I on to a different "blessed trinity?"

2. That thing about God making the first man out of mud and clay, or dust. It's a nice story but so is the story of us evolving from a slightly lower animal species, an ape-like creature; which all leads me to a question that poor cuckold Joseph may not have considered. The question rises: Who Else (or what else) was God fucking? Is that how we actually came about? And, is that whole "God made man out of mud" story just a clever-ish cover-up for more bad, bad, very bad behavior from God?

Well, that's it for my "Noah's Version Of Bible Studies" for today! Meanwhile, I will congratulate the cartoon Joseph for having used his critical thinking abilities. Well done, sir! Just remember: What happens in Nazareth, stays in Nazareth.