• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! God Sent Trump To Us?

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

I actually respond to idiots like the woman in tonight's meme in the same way as the guy pouring her wine. Watching people like her twist up their dumb little faces in confusion for even just a few second makes it worthwhile. Does that make you think I'm some sort of bad person? Ask me if I care.

I've even used the exact same "mental illness" line. It catches them off guard because, unfortunately, they are so damn self-centered and used to not facing any resistance of any kind. But, that's just not how I operate. I take the zero tolerance approach; now more than ever.

Of course, I know what I say isn't about to change them, but, for one little moment... just putting one little dent in their sicko psyche. Now if the rest of you would try it, it can't hurt. I hope it's kinda like the reverse of clapping for Tinkerbell.