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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Gangster Moves: Trump & FOX Engage In Witness Intimidation

by Noah

While The Diaper Don and FOX-Pravda are busy attempting to incite violence against the jurors in his current trial, not to mention any of his future trials, it's worth noting that the Republican icon is also finding time, between his courtroom naps, of course, to whine and fume about something that he has never given a damn about in the past, ie. attending the graduation of his children.

This time it's 18 year old Baron, the (official) 5th and, hopefully last offspring of the most traitorous person this country has ever known. As the meme says, Baron's graduation is on Friday May 17 and no definitive statement by the court has been offered as to whether or not America's Domestic Terrorist will be too tied up in court, perhaps literally and more justifiably than Bobby Seale, to attend even if he was so inclined.


While Trump is making use of his son as a pawn in his game, a son who already knows or should know how his father feels about him, in his psychopathic melodrama, it has yet to be determined if this election interference trial will still be going on by the 17th or whether court will be in session on that day. Even if it is, I can tell you from first hand experienceI that court sessions here in NYC tend to close for the weekend around 2:30pm on Fridays and The Diaper Don surely knows this. There's also the fact that Baron's graduation begins at 8:30pm, but, if you're Trump, never let the truth get in the way. Hell, that might as well be the 2024 Republican Party campaign slogan.

By the way, I see that the meme I have borrowed for tonight has a couple of punctuation errors. No matter, if any Repugs out there want to correct it, they can always borrow a sharpie from their odorous orange idol. 



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