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Midnight Meme Of The Day! From The Book Of Espionage 1:6

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

1:7 - Yea, verily I say unto you, let the ground open up below him and swallow him in flames on worldwide Pay Per View TV! Lordy make it so with all way overdue haste!

Alas, the Book Of Espionage is one of the biblical apocrypha. The tipoff is the part where it says "Ye shalt go to prison." If we consider the noticeable lack of justice in the matter of Traitor Don paying for his transgressions, maybe it should read "Ye should go to prison but humankind is frail, gutless, deeply flawed, and slow to do the right and righteous thing, if ever at all."

By the way, the following verse is from chapter 1 of the equally apocryphal Book Of 21st Century Noah:

1:6 - And Noah then decreed that the beast known by the name of Orange Menace To Society shall be cast into a pit of hungry vipers along with all who travel in his sign.

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