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Midnight Meme Of The Day! FOX "News" Pumps Up The Death Toll!

by Noah

I wonder if, years from now, we will ever find out what drugs these Nazi nutballs at FOX "News" are taking. I bet Laura "Ilsa" Ingraham and Tucker Tiki Torch have meth hoses right under their desks. Every time the station cuts to a My Pillow advertising break, they inhale mightily! Not only are the maniacs at FOX vaccinated, at the same time they are telling their gullible idiot Republican viewers not to get vaccinated, they are telling them to take Ivermectin, a horse, cattle, and sheep dewormer instead. Now, veterinary supply stores are selling out of the drug, the health of a lot of farm animals is being needlessly endangered, and human hospital ERs are getting waves of calls from people who have poisoned themselves with the stuff. If Laura, Tucker, Hannity and the rest of the goons at FOX told their viewers at home to pour gasoline all over their heads and strike a match, they'd do it just like demented old ladies send their cash to televangilists. The way FOX is going, we will see that day soon. It's inevitable. They already convinced their viewers the 2020 election was stolen and got thousands of them to storm the Capitol Building on 1/6.

While I'm sure that all of this makes the goons at FOX happy, it's also a sign of how psychopathic the people at FOX are from the top to the bottom and back again. They are deliberately poisoning their viewers' bodies and not just their minds, and it's not just for money. The insanity just keeps on snowballing and the whole thing is rolling downhill at a faster and faster pace. You think it's ugly now? Just wait! Just think about how many times they've had Rudy Giuliani on, screaming and spitting his insane gibberish. And how about the FOX "News" election expert, Mike The Pillow Guy? And that screaming, foaming at the mouth Jeanine Pirro who comes across like someone who just somehow burst out of a straitjacket? Do you wonder who the next freak on FOX will be? We will know soon enough. If Jeffrey Dahmer was still alive, he'd already have a 10 minute nightly cooking spot on Hannity's show. Whatever it is, it's coming. FOX wouldn't stop itself even if they wanted to, and they don't.

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