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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Florida Death Cult Leader Runs Wild!

by Noah

And now the latest from the urine drinking lightbulb in the ass party...

Flor-i-duh Governor Ron Death Sentence now wants to have his own "Election Police" as pictured in tonight's meme. Does that sound like some 2-bit South American dictator to you? Of course it does, but then, the way it juts out into the Gulf Of Mexico, Florida is the closest thing we have to a Venezuela or Haiti. I often wish we could just saw off Flor-i-duh and just shove it across the gulf. If it drowns on the way, fine with me. The place will be entirely underwater soon anyway. Can't wait to see the boat parades!

Sadly, though, Florida's homicidal maniac of a governor won't be the only Nazi that moves to create an army of Bull Connor inspired goose-stepping "Election Police" or Election Gestapo goons. Republicans all across the country, following the lead of their God Trump, are nodding their nazi heads in agreement on the idea already. Georgia's former $enator David "Single Digit IQ" Perdue is one of the first. He's now running to be Georgia's governor and is proposing a "Me Too! election police plan for Georgia much like the state's current governor, Brian Kemp, fixed his election by throwing tens times tens of voters off of the voter rolls. I propose the following campaign slogan for Perdue-

A chicken in every pot and a cop at every voting machine!

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has also jumped the Nazi shark and proposed a "Bureau Of Elections." All of this idiocy will of course cost the taxpayers millions of dollars for no good reason when voter fraud is virtually non-existent and, when it does crop up, tends to be on the part of Republican candidates as it was in Pennsylvania in 2020.

The picture above is the stuff of the dreams of just about any Republican you know. Oh yeah, they'll say they're not racist. They'll aptly act like a wounded, stuck pig if you state the obvious about them. Some will even claim right to your face, as has happened to me on more than one occasion, that they aren't racist but "those people" just need to know their place. My, how people never seem to realize how much they reveal about themselves when challenged to defend their words and actions, if not before then, of course. This is all part of what makes conservatives of any kind such sickening people. I grew up in a town infested with them. That was in the 1960s and they were all in a twist about voting rights then just as they are now. They haven't changed nor will they. Conservatives lack the mental capacity and Trump has encouraged them to prove it every damn day. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has taken their foolish notions of civility and adopted Neville Chamberlain as a lifestyle. And that's on their best days.

You gotta hand it to Republicans, they don't want brown and black people voting but lunatics who think the next presidential ticket they'll be voting for is Donald Trump with JFK, Jr. in place of Mike "Lord Of The Fly" Pence, are encouraged to vote, as long as they're white, of course. Man, I can hardly wait to see what this party of knuckle-dragging freaks has to say if their God Trump dies between now and then.

Just to be fair (and I'm always fair), I will give Governor Ron Death Sentence the last word. I'm not sure why he's wearing a beard but I guess he's just trying it out. Hey, if it fits, wear it.


"Flor-i-duh Governor Ron Death Sentence..." derogatory wordplay and name-calling is the kind of thing I always associated with the right, e.g. Rush Limbaugh's "feminazis". It makes me think the writer/speaker either can't or can't be bothered to make their point with logic. Maybe my criticism is pointless in a blog clearly preaching to the converted, but if you want to convince people to change their behavior, forcing them to agree that they are stupid or immoral first isn't a great way to start. People are already predisposed to act the way they acted in the past. It's a lot easier for them to believe that they are NOT stupid or racist and therefore you are wrong about everything else too, …


Jan 25, 2022

yep. all true. too bad we never elect democraps. they'll fix everything.

oh wait...

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